How to Buy a Parrot: The Ultimate Guide

Parrots are stunning, intelligent birds, and they make fantastic and rewarding companions, however, they require a lot more thought and attention than a typical family pet.
This article takes you through some of the points to consider before purchasing a parrot, but it is only an overview, and you really should do thorough research on specific [...]

Clipping Parrot Wings

One of the most controversial topics in parrot health is wing clipping. Fundamentally, it is an owner’s choice based on the available information on the practice, the main points of which we will discuss in this article. Clipping parrot wings should be researched thoroughly before proceeding.
Wing clipping simply means trimming a bird’s main flight feathers, [...]

The Senegal Parrot

The Senegal Parrot (Poicephalus senegalus) is one of nine birds in the Poicephalus genus, a collection of species originating from Africa. There are three subspecies:

Poicephalus senegalus senegalus: yellow belly, native to southern Mauritania, southern Mali to Guinea and Lobos Island
Poicephalus senegalus mesotypus: orange belly, native to eastern and northeastern Nigeria and Cameroon and southwest Chad
Poicephalus [...]

Do you have a talking parrot?

For many owners a talking parrot is one of the most sought after goals during the taming process. But this goal should not be rushed at the expense of neglecting other more basic training: the first steps are to bond with your new pet and have it behaving well during supervised sessions outside of its [...]

Keeping a Healthy Parrot

If you know your parrot well then you will soon notice the typical signs of poor health such as watery or discolored droppings, ruffled plumage, and lack of appetite. Some of the most common ailments are described briefly below, but don’t attempt diagnosis yourself – at the first sign of poor health you should take [...]

Meyers Parrots – Lovable Companions

Poicephalus meyeri’s correct name is the Meyer’s Parrot, but it is commonly written without an apostrophe as in the title of this article, or incorrectly spelt as Myers Parrot. It takes its name from the famous German naturalist Berhard Meyer. Objectively speaking, this is the cutest parrot there is!

Because of its small stature, which sees [...]

Parrot Care

With some species living as long as 80 years parrot care is a lifelong commitment. This article introduces some important things to consider in looking after your parrot:

Taking care of young birds
Handling your bird
Housing requirements

Taking care of young birds
A dark box of a similar size to a nestbox is the best way to transport your [...]

Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

The blue fronted Amazon parrot (Amazona aestiva) is one of 27 species of Amazon parrot. They are very intelligent birds that form a strong bond with their owners. Growing up to 15 inches tall, and living to over 60, this bird is a life long joy and commitment. In common with other Amazons the blue [...]