Choosing Terrarium Pets

Whether you are thinking about reptile terrariums or amphibian terrariums there are plenty of terrarium pets for you to choose from. First you need to decide the type of habitat that you want to recreate – desert, savanna, rainforest, aquatic, semi-aquatic, woodland – and then do some research to see which animals are suitable for [...]

What is a screen terrarium?

Greenhouses and screenhouses (the screen terrarium) are alternatives to the traditional terrarium when it comes to housing your exotic pets. A greenhouse can be the ideal environment to recreate the humidity of the tropics. You can either house your pets in individual terrariums within the greenhouse, or let them have the run of the place. [...]

Tips on Setting Up a Lizard Terrarium Outdoors

Depending on your local climate one option could be to have your pets kept not in terrariums, but in cages outdoors. This may afford you more space, and provide your pet with a more naturalistic environment than a typical lizard terrarium. Heat lamps and mats can still be used outside, and remember even the desert [...]

What is the difference between a water terrarium and aquarium?

Water terrariums differ from aquariums in the animals and plants that they contain. They are home to aquatic frogs, snakes, caecilians and more. If you have only managed dry terrariums before then you will need to do some careful research and factor in new considerations. For example, all rock features must be held firm by [...]

A Desert Terrarium for Exotic Pets

The desert terrarium is one of the most common, and easiest to set up. With a good selection of rocks and cage furniture it can also look very stylish. A desert is dry – it sounds obvious, but when you select plants and substrate you will be doing so with this in mind.
Funnily enough a [...]

Choosing Terrarium Plants

Tropical/Rainforest Terrarium
Successful reptile terrariums are naturalistic ones, and the rain forest terrarium is suitable for a range of reptiles and amphibians that thrive in a tropical environment. You will need a number of items to create a rain forest terrarium: the terrarium, substrate, plants, cage furniture, lights, and an air-conditioning material or screening. Terrarium plants [...]

Buying the Right Terrarium for Your Pet

The last 20 years have seen massive advances in the keeping of reptiles and amphibians, and this has been driven by changes in the way we approach the terrarium. We have moved on from simply setting up spaces that can sustain life, to masterpieces that replicate an animal’s natural habitat. They say there has never [...]

What are the best pets for reptile terrariums?

Reptile terrariums vary in the way they are set up depending on the animal’s natural habitat. There are a number of different types of terrarium: rainforest, desert, aquatic, semi-aquatic, woodlands and savanna. Within each of these ecosystems there are microhabitat variations, and you need to know which microhabitat your reptile requires to thrive. For example, [...]