What is the difference between a tropical pet and exotic pet?

Tropical pets originate from the tropics, the region on either side of the equator, whereas exotic pets are rare or unusual animals kept as pets, but need not come from the tropics. With the popularity of exotic pets increasing massively in recent years some lizards, snakes and frogs that used to be uncommon as pets can no longer be considered unusual, yet they continue to be referred to as exotic.

Thus using terms that refer to the place of origin, such as tropical, is the most precise way of talking about your pet, but that said despite being tropicalpets.com this site strays beyond the tropics at times, so we are no more correct than the pet stores that label everything other than cats and dogs as exotic!

The Exotics
Animals that are sometimes kept as pets and typically considered as exotics are:

  • Alligators
  • Arctic Fox
  • Wolves and wolf/dog hybrids
  • Fennec Foxes
  • Ferrets
  • Tame Silver Foxes
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Skunks
  • Degus
  • Kinkajous
  • Raccoon
  • Chinchillas
  • Hedgehogs
  • Wallaroos
  • Wild cat cubs such as lions, tigers, bobcats, servals, and ocelots
  • Reptiles such as snakes, tortoises, and lizards
  • Arthropods like spiders, praying mantises, and scorpions
  • Extremely rare birds
  • Non-human primates, such as capuchin monkeys

Many of these animals are from the tropics.

The Tropics
To be precise about the Tropics we consider it limited in latitude by the Tropic of Cancer in the northern hemisphere at approximately 23°26′ (23.4°) N latitude, and the Tropic of Capricon in the southern hemisphere at 23°26′ (23.4°) S latitude. This area is marked off because it covers every point on Earth where at some point during the year the sun sits directly overhead – something that never happens outside of the Tropics. So now you know why your pets like those heating pads so much!

An Exotic Video About Tropical Pets

Taking a look at the map we can see what a massive area, and broad range of countries the Tropics covers. It’s no wonder that the world of tropical pets is such a diverse one.


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